The Bitcoin Podcast is a podcast dedicated to bitcoin, blockchain and all things crypto. TBP has been live for over 5 years and has interviewed people and projects from the most well known to the most obscure. We are hosted by Demetrick aka "Dee", Dr. Corey Petty and Jessie aka "Broke".


Demetrick is co-host of ‘Just the Headers’, ‘The Bitcoin Podcast’ and has a bachelors from Texas Tech University where he studied Mathematics and statistics. He is currently a business consultant with an affinity for bitcoin.


Dr. Corey Petty is co-host of ‘Hashing It Out’, ‘The Bitcoin Podcast’ and started his blockchain focused research in late 2012 during his Ph.D. candidacy in computational chemical physics from Texas Tech University. Shortly after finishing his degree, he left academia to continue pursuing his passion in blockchain technology.  He then entered the security industry for a few years attempting to break and fix ICS/SCADA networks using novel blockchain solutions.


Jessie is co-host of ‘Just the Headers’, 'The Bitcoin Podcast' and has a deeply-rooted passion for learning, teaching and building machines; he was a NASA-funded robotics researcher with a master’s in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University. Currently he works for an consultant engineering firm during the day and is working on secret software projects as they relate to image-processing, machine learning, and the Ethereum blockchain.